Our mission has developed organically from our dedication to the line of business to which we belong and our commitment to delivering logistics and transport solutions characterized by professionalism, quality, and flexibility.

TRANSGOR LOGISTIK’s mission statement
We support our partners’ development by offering professional and innovative transport, logistics and storage solutions, tailored to the particularities of each type of business.


The foundation of Transgor Logistik is established on a well-defined set of values that guide us in our daily operations and help us make the best business decisions.

Our core values reflect the mix of personalities, management styles, and dominant thinking trends. They influence the way things are done, how decisions are made, and how our organizational character manifests within the company.

The values that guide us have emerged from the determined, active and professional character of excellence that manifests itself in all the company’s actions, always being oriented towards development and providing the highest level of service.

We pride ourselves on the achievements, know-how, and experience gained over time.
The passion that we invest in everything we do is mirrored in the results we deliver.
We have clear responsibilities, and we respect our commitments to our partners and employees.
We are dedicated to developing our line of transport and logistics services continuously.


The values in which we firmly believe, guide us in our actions and have a further impact on our behavior in the world. They influence all the activities and partnerships that we undertake.

  • Leadership – the courage to create a better future and give a positive example.
  • Cooperation – we stimulate and encourage the collective genius.
  • Integrity – we promote impeccable professional conduct with the utmost seriousness.
  • Responsibility – we are committed to delivering only high-quality services.
  • Passion – our involvement and dedication manifest in everything we do.
  • Diversity – we have the satisfaction of growing an optimistic and flexible brand with an enhanced dose of authenticity that celebrates the diverse mix of personalities that constitute the Transgor Logistik team.
  • Quality – in everything that we do, we strive to give our best.
  • Results – if we commit to something, we make sure that thing happens.

We believe in progress, and we are always in favor of innovative ideas and new ways of overcoming challenges.