Looking for a temporary storage?

Do you have goods in transit or in transshipment that have to be stored for a period of time and you do not know where or you have no place?

The ultra-modern storage area owned by Transgor Logistik with a generous surface of 1.500m² covered and 2.000m² discovered – can store in conditions of qualitative and quantitative safety your company’s assets.

You may benefit from integrated logistics services can be customized to your company’s own dynamic:

  • Handling (loading / unloading) with suitable machinery and qualified personnel;
  • Packaging and palletizing operations;
  • Sorting and labeling operations;
  • Tracking the input-output inventory flow;
  • Cross-docking;
  • Strategic transport management;
  • Consolidating deliveries and delivering in time to the final customer.


We offer the most efficient, easy and secure solution to move goods from one truck to another near the border between Romania and Republic of Moldova.

The Transgor Logistik transshipment service is based on strict organization and supervision which allows the goods to be moved quickly and at the lowest possible cost in conditions of maximum safety.

The AEO accreditation held by Transgor Logistik certifies and guarantees this.

Transgor Logistik transshipment services are conducted under video surveillance and all packing details are photographed for full control of our customers on their goods’ integrity.
We have a vast experience in the field of transshipment operations and offer access to an integrated platform of logistics services:

  • Free storage of goods within the first 48 hours after pickup, in a ultra-modern warehouse;
  • Sorting, repackaging and labeling services, with the possibility to divide the goods from a truck into several separate deliveries, as well as the unpacking of pallets for single deliveries;
  • National distribution to Romanian customers with guaranteed daily delivery
  • Internațional transportation.


We take over and distribute express palletized goods coming from Romania and from the EU to any point in the country, offering guaranteed Premium delivery services (for goods delivered in 24h) and Standard (for goods delivered in 48h).

We are focused on delivering reliable solutions for each shipment and we assume fast and flexible delivery:

  • Express distribution services to and from any point in the country;
  • Guaranteed delivery for the day after;
  • Opțiuni pentru paleți Full, ½, ¼ și alte mărimi;
  • Track and Trace in real time;
  • Online POD (Proof of Delivery);
  • We are specialized in carrying out cargos between 1-6 pallets

For details and orders, our colleagues are at your disposal:
Phone: +40.736.369.471 or +40.729.020.279
Email: pallex[at]


Businesses are constantly moving and resizing.

Transgor Logistik provides relocation and transfer services keeping up with the dynamics of the business plans. We can assist you in relocating the company’s headquarters and operations with complete transport services.

We have the necessary knowledge and equipment including for moving heavy or fragile equipment into hardly accessible locations.

For counseling and any further information you may need about our relocation and transfer services, our colleague Daniel Grecu stays at your disposal.

Operations Manager
Tel: +40.332.146.970
Email: daniel.grecu[at]