Full and partial truckloads

Transgor Logistik offers the most suitable solutions for your performance goals throughout the entire logistics chain.

We are an enduring partner for safe road transportation and personalized logistics services for various types of goods in full truckloads (FTL), partial truckloads (LTL) or exclusive loads mode:

  • General goods;
  • Dangerous goods (ADR);
  • Textiles on hanger or in boxes;
  • Construction materials;
  • Refrigerated goods (food, pharmaceutical, medical, industrial) with temperature controlled;
  • Special goods and oversized machinery;
  • Urgent and express goods with minimum transit;
  • Private goods/items in door to door mode.

By addressing to its own fleet as well as its Eastern European partners and subcontractors network, Transgor Logistik makes a rigorous selection of the transport solutions.

We have tilt and box vehicles with payload between 1.200 – 24.000 Kg and with useful volume between 15-120 mc.

For the goods transported, all our tilt and box vehicles have CMR insurance between EUR 20.000 and EUR 200.000.

Express Domestic 24/48

Transgor Logistik is an affiliate member of PALL-EX Romania since 2013.
We take over and distribute express palletized goods coming from Romania and from EU territory to any point in the country.

  • Guaranteed delivery within 24 hours;
  • Delivery at flexible intervals of time, folded on your business schedule of operations and on your company’s punctual needs;
  • Real-time tracking;
  • Online POD (Proof of Delivery).

We are specialized in carrying out cargos between 1-6 pallets.

We offer options for full / half / quarter pallets and other sizes.

cm cm cm Kg
MINI QUARTER 120 80/100 0 - 60 0 -100
QUARTER 120 80/100 0 - 60 100 - 200
HALF 120 80/100 0 - 100 0 - 400
FULL LIGHT 120 80/100 0 - 200 0 - 400
FULL 120 80/100 0 - 200 400 - 800
MEGA FULL 120 80/100 0 - 220 0 - 1200

Each PALL-EX transport through Transgor Logistik comes with our commitment to efficiency at fair costs. We are distribution partners of top European brands and we follow the same principles with every customer who needs us.

We use an integrated IT logistics management system to coordinate and carefully monitor the shipments from our hubs in Sibiu and Bacau.

The Track & Trace system empowers our infrastructure and allows our customers to manage their shipments at any time.

The PALL-EX network was founded in 1996 in the UK and today is one of the largest logistics leaders in Europe.
PALL-EX is a standard of excellence in the field of palletized transportation because of its innovative business model.
The company operates through a network of local carriers to efficiently distribute goods across European countries wherever it is needed.
Romania is the first PALL-EX country in Eastern Europe and we are glad to be able to contribute each day to an efficient distribution system.

For more information on the PALL-EX network, please note the following documents:

For details and orders, our colleagues are at your disposal:
Phone: +40.736.369.471 or +40.729.020.279
Email: pallex[at]transgor.com

Controlled temperature transportation

Transgor Logistik carries out special transports for any type of cargo considered perishable: fresh food, chilled and semi-frozen products, medical and pharmaceutical products.

Our vehicles are equipped with cooling/heating systems that provide controlled temperature between -25°C and +30°C.

Each special transport of this type can be verified with authorized thermo-diagram printing equipment, which indicates the temperature recorded during the entire shipment.

This way our customers are sure their goods arrive at destination in full compliance.

For counseling and any further information you may need about the transportation of temperature-controlled cargos, our colleague Constantin Măzăreanu stays at your disposal.

Operations Manager
Tel: +40.332.146.993

Email: constantin.mazareanu[at]transgor.com

Exceptional transportation

When goods to be shipped at destination have atypical dimensions, we find together customized transportation solutions.
Transgor Logistik carries out exceptional cargo shipments with the following specifications:

  • Length over 20 m
  • Width over 4.00 m
  • Height up to 4.00 m
  • Weight up to 90 tons

The transports are made with specialized trailers, equipped with 3, 4 or 5 axles.

We select transport options taking into account not only the sizes, but also all the other essential details: desired destination, meeting the loading and unloading dates, costs and budgets.

We are flexible and understand the particularity of each exceptional transport project.

For counseling and any further information you may need about the transportation of exceptional cargos: info[at]transgor.com

Dangerous goods (ADR) transportation

Our company is authorized and ready to transport dangerous goods (ADR) in accordance with the national laws of the countries of destination and transit as well with the international agreements in force.

As for your company, our priority is to deliver the goods safely, on time and without any damage to the environment and people.

Our fleet is adequately equipped for the transport of dangerous goods and is ADR authorized. Drivers have vast experience and are well-trained on the transport conditions for this class of goods.

All goods transported by Transgor Logistik are insured.

ADR dangerous goods classes:

Clasa 2. Compressed Gases Clasa 3. Flammable Liquids Clasa 4.1. Flammable Solids, substante autoreactive și substante explozive desensibilizate solide
Clasa 4.2. Substances Liable to Spontaneous Combustion Clasa 4.3. Substances Which, in Contact with Water, Emit Flammable Gases Clasa 5.1. Oxidizing Substances
Clasa 5.2. Organic Peroxides Clasa 6.1. Toxic Substances Clasa 6.2. Infectious Substances
Clasa 8. Corrosives Clasa 9. Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods.

For counseling and any further information you may need about the transportation of ADR cargos, our colleague Florin Goriuc stays at your disposal.
Transport & Logistics Manager
Tel: +40.723.466.684
Email: florin.goriuc[at]transgor.com