Following the impact that the 2018 “We invest in Smiles” campaign, has had on the children from the school in Bazga-Răducăneni and us, we decided to repeat this initiative every year and turn it into our holidays’ tradition.

Thus, we began searching for a new cause to support, bearing in mind the desire to do more for the community in the Tomești locality, Iasi county, where the headquarters of our company is located. Everything guided us to the Association “Wiping Tears” and the “St. Mary’s” Day Center in Tomești, which accommodates children between the ages of 8 and 12 years and fights against school dropout.

Early December, we received all the 24 letters to Santa that the children wrote and drew beautifully. We were impressed us by the simplicity and innocence of the children’s wishes. They asked for outdoor clothes, winter boots, colored pencils, gloves and hats, school bags and coloring books, dolls or remote-controlled cars – simple for us, but much-needed things for them.

We decorated our Christmas tree with all these letters, and each colleague chose a wish to fulfill. In addition to those requested by the children, we have prepared Christmas trees, ornaments, and winter decorations, so that they could feel the Christmas spirit.

The gifts began to gather under our tree until the day of the children’s Christmas festivity when we took all the presents to the “St. Mary’s” Day Center in Tomești. The emotions, smiles and the joy on the children’s faces when they received all they have asked for from Santa Claus filled our souls for the entire upcoming year.

We thank everyone from the “St. Mary’s” Day Center in Tomești and Mrs. Florentina Agache from the Association “Wiping Tears” for their help in making this campaign possible!

The moments spent with these children warmed our souls and created the unique magic of this period. We have decided that in 2020 we will collect even more such moments!

From our family to yours, Happy Holidays!