Of all the initiatives we develop, the most exciting ones are those that enlighten the faces of children and make their eyes shine with joy and thrill.

In 2018, on Christmas, we decided to invest in their smiles and joy. So we created a new category in our budget – “GD, Good Deeds” – and started looking for a cause to support.

That is how we found out that a teacher from the school in Bazga-Răducăneni village, asked her friends for support in providing winter shoes and clothes for the pupils that learn in her school. We immediately knew that we needed to get involved in this project and help these children. We got in touch with the teachers and went shopping. Fleece boots, thick socks, winter jackets, fruits, sweets, juices, watercolors, drawing blocks, storybooks, and toys.

On St. Nicholas day, with the arms loaded and hearts full of emotion, our team went to Bazga – Răducăneni. The happiness on the children’s faces and their smiles when they discovered the gifts, convinced us to “adopt” this school and engage in the future in more actions that would bring joy to the children and the teachers from this village.

We thank our team for engaging in this initiative, and we wish them and all of you Happy Holidays!


The GD Team (Good Deeds)